The conference will be located on the “science site”. All sessions will take place in the XXX lecture theatre located in the Calman Learning Centre, whilst buffet meals, coffee breaks, and poster sessions will be held in the Earth Sciences Department. The conference dinner will take place in XXX and the welcome reception will take place at XXX. See below for walking routes (shown in red solid and dotted lines) to the Calman Learning Centre and Durham castle from the recommended accommodation.


If you are planning to walk to the conference venue (Calman Learning Centre), please allow the following journey times to arrive on time from your chosen accommodation:

  • Radisson Blu hotel: 30 minutes.
  • Marriott hotel: 20 minutes.
  • XXX College: 10 minutes.

Alternatively, if you prefer to use transport, see “Travel: Getting around Durham” for more information


Calman Learning Centre

Food and Drink

Below is a more detailed map of the science site which is home to the Calman Learning Centre and the Earth Sciences department. There are cafeterias situated on the science site where you can purchase food and drink. One is located on the ground floor of the Calman Learning Centre, a second is located at the Palatine Centre, and a third is located at the Bill Bryson Library . Please note that there are no ATM machines on the science site. You can, however, use credit or debit cards at the cafeterias.

Science site map Dani edit V2