Book of Abstracts

Invited Speaker Abstracts

Alex Clark – QET Labs, University of Bristol, UK.

Simon Cornish – Durham University

Rosario González Férez – University of Granada, Spain.

Eric Hudson – University of California Los Angeles, USA.

Jeremy Hutson – Durham University, UK.

Svetlana Kotochigova – Temple University, USA.

Gerard Meijer – Fritz-Haber Institute, Germany.

Jolijn Onvlee – Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

Sadiq Rangwala – Raman Research Institute, India.

Ben Sauer – Imperial College London

Yuval Shagam – Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, Israel

Arthur Suits – University of Missouri, USA

Stefan Willitsch – University of Basel, Switzerland

Poster Titles

Zohar Amitay – Coherent control of ultrafast molecule making: Weak-field femtosecond control of an unbound thermal collision pair.

Jacob Blackmore – Development of technologies for scalable ion trap quantum computers.

Smilla Colombini – Dissipative dynamics of a molecular Rydberg gas: Avalanche to an ultracold plasma state of strong coupling.

Katrin Dulitz – Control of He*-Li chemi-ionization.

Itay Erez & Eliana Ruth Wallach

  1. Toward parity violation measurement with chiral molecular ions.
  2. Simultaneous enantiomer-resolved Ramsey spectroscopy for chiral molecules.

Luke Fernley – Decoherence-free subspaces in ultracold RbCs molecules.

Sven Herbers – Adiabatic rapid passage in molecular ammonia.

Karl Horn – Is entanglement created during scattering processes?

Simon Hofsäss – A dense magneto-optical trap of cadmium atoms.

Bethan Humphreys – A new ultracold molecule experiment.

Irina Jana – Dissociative electron attachment induced in a two color REMPI and Rydberg excitation of nitric oxide.

Sarunas Jurgilas – Collisions between laser cooled molecules and atoms in an optical trap and progress towards sympathetic cooling.

Albert Li – Towards single ground state RbCs molecules in optical tweezers.

Marijn Man – Using classical trajectories to study ultracold collision complexes.

Baruch Margulis – Tomography of Feshbach resonance states.

Bijit Mukherjee – Feshbach resonances and molecule formation in ultracold mixtures of Rb and Yb(^3P) atoms.

Jindaratsamee Phrompao – Electric-field-controlled cold dipolar collisions between trapped CH3F molecules.

Bastian Pollklesener – Photoassociation Spectroscopy of RbYb near the Yb intercombination line.

Daniel Ruttley – Creation of single RbCs molecules in optical tweezers.

Eric Smoll Jr – Velocity Map Imaging of Ultracold Plasma Dynamics.

Joost van Hofslot – Laser cooling a slow molecular beam of BaF.

Ruoxi Wang – Control of molecular ultracold plasma relaxation dynamics in mm-wave and radio frequency fields.

Pawel Wójcik – On the prospects of optical cycling in diatomic cations: effects of transition metals, spin-orbit couplings, and multiple bonds.

Jing Wu – Creating and studying a Bose-Einstein condensate of CaF molecules.

Lei Xu – Conformationally-selected ions for reactions with conformationally-selected molecules.

Michael Ziemba – An experiment to measure the electron’s electric dipole moment using an ultracold beam of YbF molecules.