The Cold and Controlled Molecules & Ions Conference 2022

The Cold and Controlled Molecules & Ions 2022 conference will be held at Durham University in the United Kingdom from 4th – 9th September 2022. The conference will bring together physicists and chemists with an interest in the production and use of cold and ultracold neutral molecules and ions and controlled molecules and ions.

The historic city of Durham is home to the UNESCO Durham World Heritage Site, which features the spectacular Durham Cathedral and Castle. At around 900 years old, both buildings contain a wealth of history and represent remarkable architectural achievements. As some of the most well-preserved structures of their time, they are an attraction not to be missed.

Durham University has a thriving community of both experimental and theoretical research in atomic and molecular physics, physical chemistry and chemical physics. Topics covered include cold and ultracold molecules, ultrafast dynamics, atom-light interactions in thermal vapours, Rydberg physics, degenerate gases, cold quantum chemistry, and quantum information. Along with Newcastle University, Durham is part of the Joint Quantum Centre, whose research interests are focussed on low-energy quantum properties of light and matter, spanning from fundamental science to applied research.

We look forward to an exciting week at CCMI2022!